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Private Yacht Cruises

Sail away on your very own private yacht cruises in Corfu!

Crystal clear waters glistening against cerulean skies. Dolphins playing along the way. Island hopping or lounging on board in style…


Corfu, at the heart of the Ionian Pelagos is a yachtsman’s paradise. Experience the true magic of the island in the best way possible – with a private yacht cruise! Gaze out at the magnificent sunset unfolding across the calm Mediterranean seas; uncover Corfu’s secret beaches and coves from your yacht. Capitalizing on our local expertise we can arrange a private yacht or boat tour that is tailor-made for you and your group. You can go fishing in a charming traditional fishing boat, luxuriate in the lap of luxury aboard a private yacht, or discover neighbouring islands with a private boat trip to Paxos or Antipaxi. With our Corfu private yacht cruises the choice really is yours, and the horizon is endless!

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Crystal Villa Collection

What you see is what you get

Blessed by gorgeous views, sumptuous living spaces and cutting edge comforts, the Crystal Collection features the creme de la creme of Corfu Private Villas.

Local Experiences

Feel more like a local

Travel is the best way to know the world. We boast valuable insider’s knowledge and insights and we are happy to share them with you. So that you can experience Corfu, the real way.

Dreamy Holidays

Stunning holiday homes

Tailor designed holidays, as unique as you, made from the stuff of dreams. Entrust us with your deepest wishes and desires and let us co-design the adventure of a lifetime.